<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East

<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East 0 (fiscal) year and month in stemming the demonstration that occurred in Tunisia, large-scale demonstrations against the government occurred in many of the countries of North Africa Middle East. In response to the demonstration, he resigned president who was reign a long period of time in Tunisia and Egypt, in Yemen president has announced his resignation before the expiration of his term. In Libya, authorities violence continues to the public by, the international community had to take measures based on UN Security Council resolutions. Clashes between protesters and security forces in Syria has occurred. Unlike each of the national circumstances of these countries, but not uniform such as the background of the demonstration, the long-term administration continues, there is a national of political freedom has been restricted. In addition, as a background to the demonstration was spread in the region, by the user increase the spread and social media of mobile phones and the Internet, and it has become easier to obtain information on the status of cooperation and neighboring countries between the participants pointed out It is.

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